Who is Lisa ?

Lisa is a 30 years old french lawyer who has a passion for feminine ultra low cut pumps and ballet flats. As Lisa's feet are very thin and narrow, most of the shoes she can find fit very loosely on her feet (even a pair of boots can be loose on her feet !!!), so with her love for outrageously low cut shoes that reveal a lot of toe cleavage, she sometimes has quite some difficulties in keeping her shoes on !!! As a result Lisa has developped since she was a child a habit of playing constantly with her little shoes, taking them on and off wherever she is, and it is in fact a well known private joke in her family that Lisa can often be found shoeless or missing a shoe !

Being a shoe fetishist myself, I've been blessed to witness all the shoeplay that Lisa did since we are together, and after observing her for over 10 years, I have come to the conclusion that Lisa's fetish for loose and low cut pumps is by far stronger than mine. She doesn't like when I say that she has a shoe fetish (she says that men can have a shoe fetish but that women simply love their shoes !), but the fact that she has never worn anything else than her sexy pumps and ballet flats, despite all the troubles and embarassing situations her loose shoes got her into, proves that Lisa simply loves the feeling of her loose shoes slipping off her feet so easily. In fact I quickly understood that she had a shoe fetish when I noticed that she had gotten very aroused when I had yanked off her shoes and stolen them on different occasions as I had slipped my hand under her skirt and on her wet panties shortly afterwards ...

I think that over the years Lisa and I mutually enhanced each other's fetish, her by her constant shoeplay and her immoderate taste for loose and low cut shoes, and me with the "shoe stealing game" I quickly started playing with her. I often tease her on the fact that she has probably read too much the Cinderella story when she was a child but I know that she has a thing for losing her shoes and being stranded shoeless or in just one shoe (although sometimes it does upset her but I can't resist stealing or removing her shoes when she shoeplays too much ;-). She often acts like she's offended when I do that, but I know that it makes her hot ;-))) I also know that she loves when I caress her feet when she has her shoes on as it always gives her a thrill when I insert my fingers inside her low cut shoes, so after all these years believe you me, I know exactly what to do if I want to turn on Lisa (as it has proved to be a really good sex preliminary ;-)

If you share the same passion for loose and low cut feminine shoes, please be my guest and feel free to share your comments or experiences, and especially if you are a lady, I would be glad to highlight the women opinion on shoe fetish as most of the websites generally focus on the men side... So shoe lovers of the world, this site is for you !


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  • In reply to: Lindsay

    Hi! Sorry, Lisa doesn't sell any of her shoes (even the well worn ones) because she just loves them too much! And no, I don't know any other company that makes shoes as low cut as her Lovelypumps (which indeed is now out of business)... Hope you'll find what you're looking for ;)

  • JoAnne

    Hi Lindsay, I have a new pair of lovelypumps that I would be willing to sell and a couple of pair I have worn. What size shoes do you wear?

  • JoAnne

    Hi Yann,
    I also went to a Catholic school, but never thought about my shoeplay carried over from that. In school We had to always wear a uniform and nylons, and flats were the shoes to wear at that time. Being that my shoes were always big on me they slipped off with every step I took. The stocking make the shoes slip off all the more. The boys were quick to pick up on this, and liked to steel my shoes. The way they did it was to either chase me, and I would lose one or both shoe as I ran, or if they couldn't get me to run they would tickle me and I would twist and turn to get them to stop , and my shoes would fall off, in the process. When I was in class, as soon as I crossed my legs my shoes would slip right off, and dangle on my toes. They would then kick off my shoe and take it , and pass it around. I would have to beg and sometimes be in tears, to get it back, or the sisters would catch them passing it around . Then the sisters would scold me for wearing such loose shoes. I sat at the front of the class, and the sisters were always telling me to put my shoes on. I didn't even realize I was dangling them or playing with them under my chair. As for as getting turned on, I guess when I got in high school, I started to realize I enjoyed to loose my shoes, unexpectedly, and found my pantiys a little wet. Hope this answers your questions, and feel free to ask more.

  • JoAnne

    How do I post pictures?

  • In reply to: JoAnne

    Sorry JoAnne, you can't. My site is just a blog and not a forum as I don't have enough time to control or moderate that kind of content so please do not advertise on this blog. Thank you for your understanding ;)

  • Bob

    Hey JoAnne I really enjoyed hearing your stories. What are the loosest shoes you own and what kind of difficulties do you have keeping them on?

  • Jack

    So what about those older previews you said you'll upload on youtube when you come back?

  • In reply to: Jack

    Stay tuned, I'll post an update soon and include some previews ;)

  • Wilhelm

    Hi Yann, do you guys ever do videos where there is footsie involved? Maybe Lisa wearing nylons slips her shoe off and then rubs it on your leg? Man, that would be awesome!

  • In reply to: Wilhelm

    Hi Wilhelm, yes Lisa sometimes plays footsies with me (usually when we go out for a romantic dinner) but I don't film her everytime otherwise it would be a full time job :) I'll try to record her with my phone next time she's naughty under a restaurant table ;)

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