Who is Lisa ?

Lisa is a 30 years old french lawyer who has a passion for feminine ultra low cut pumps and ballet flats. As Lisa's feet are very thin and narrow, most of the shoes she can find fit very loosely on her feet (even a pair of boots can be loose on her feet !!!), so with her love for outrageously low cut shoes that reveal a lot of toe cleavage, she sometimes has quite some difficulties in keeping her shoes on !!! As a result Lisa has developped since she was a child a habit of playing constantly with her little shoes, taking them on and off wherever she is, and it is in fact a well known private joke in her family that Lisa can often be found shoeless or missing a shoe !

Being a shoe fetishist myself, I've been blessed to witness all the shoeplay that Lisa did since we are together, and after observing her for over 10 years, I have come to the conclusion that Lisa's fetish for loose and low cut pumps is by far stronger than mine. She doesn't like when I say that she has a shoe fetish (she says that men can have a shoe fetish but that women simply love their shoes !), but the fact that she has never worn anything else than her sexy pumps and ballet flats, despite all the troubles and embarassing situations her loose shoes got her into, proves that Lisa simply loves the feeling of her loose shoes slipping off her feet so easily. In fact I quickly understood that she had a shoe fetish when I noticed that she had gotten very aroused when I had yanked off her shoes and stolen them on different occasions as I had slipped my hand under her skirt and on her wet panties shortly afterwards ...

I think that over the years Lisa and I mutually enhanced each other's fetish, her by her constant shoeplay and her immoderate taste for loose and low cut shoes, and me with the "shoe stealing game" I quickly started playing with her. I often tease her on the fact that she has probably read too much the Cinderella story when she was a child but I know that she has a thing for losing her shoes and being stranded shoeless or in just one shoe (although sometimes it does upset her but I can't resist stealing or removing her shoes when she shoeplays too much ;-). She often acts like she's offended when I do that, but I know that it makes her hot ;-))) I also know that she loves when I caress her feet when she has her shoes on as it always gives her a thrill when I insert my fingers inside her low cut shoes, so after all these years believe you me, I know exactly what to do if I want to turn on Lisa (as it has proved to be a really good sex preliminary ;-)

If you share the same passion for loose and low cut feminine shoes, please be my guest and feel free to share your comments or experiences, and especially if you are a lady, I would be glad to highlight the women opinion on shoe fetish as most of the websites generally focus on the men side... So shoe lovers of the world, this site is for you !


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  • JoAnne

    My name is JoAnne, and am glad to see you and Liza back. I have written you a few times in the past. We are so much alike. My husband has a shoe fetish, and likes loose shoes, and toe cleavage. I have a lot of flats shoes from lovelypumps, when they were in business in turkey. When I was growing up we were poor, and my mother bought all my shoes a size to big for me, so I would not out graw them to soon. As a result I had a hard time keeping them on. They would slip off my heels as I walked in they and I got to like playing with them and dangling them. As I got older and could buy my own shoes, I found that I still loved my shoes being very loose on me, Even though I lost them sometimes, and got into embarrassing times, with them being so loose. I get turned on by wearing loose shoes, not knowing when and where I might lose one or both. My husband is like a puppy dog, and follows me as much as he can. When I cross my legs my shoes slip right of and dangle from the tips of my toes. This is because I love to wear my low cut lovely pumps. Please feel free to ask me any question you want about our fetishes, we will be happy to answer them for you. My husband loves to take pictures of my loosing ,playing, and dangling my shoes. Hope to hear from you soon. JoAnne and Bob

  • JoAnne

    What size shoe should Liza wear, and what size does Liza like to wear.


  • In reply to: JoAnne

    Hi JoAnne,
    Yes I remember you, thanks for your message and glad to hear from you again ! You are indeed very welcome to share your opinion or similar experiences on the posts of this blog, it's always interesting to get a woman's point of view on this subject ;) As for Lisa's shoe size, her exact size is 36,5 in Europe, but as almost all shoe designers don't make their shoes in half sizes, Lisa always buys her shoes in size 37 (size 36 is too small and hurt her toes with most shoes). The only pairs that she has bought one size too big are her white & black Zara pumps and her brown & gold Jonak pumps (and it's only because her normal shoe size wasn't available anymore). Lisa likes her shoes loose and low cut but she prefers to buy them at her size as it's already difficult for her to keep her shoes on with the fact that she is between 2 shoe sizes and her extremely narrow feet (that's why with most of her shoes you can see a gap on the sides and at the back, which is why her precious slip-ons fly off her feet so easily !!!)

  • Paul Hedrick

    I would love to see Lisa playing with her boots.

  • In reply to: Paul Hedrick

    I've never seen her play with a pair of boots (and it seems quite unlikely to dip or dangle with that type of shoe)

  • J.W.

    Hehe there should be an 'Ask Lisa' segment where we can ask her on her life as a shoeplayer and a shoe dangler.

    Here are a few questions I have for Miss Lisa:
    -What does it feel like to dangle your shoe?
    -Has anyone ever told you things such as "I love your shoes" or that "I love the way you dangle your shoes"? If so, what was/were your reaction(s)?
    -There are a number of shoeplayer girls and shoe danglers out there all over the world. If ever they're reading this, what is your message to all girl/female shoe danglers out there?

    That's all for now =)

  • In reply to: J.W.


    First if you haven’t been following my posts since a very long time, I should precise that Lisa is much more a shoe fetishist than a “dangling & shoeplay” fetishist (like you and me, and the vast majority of guys visiting this blog). By that I mean that she has always had a “thing” for very low cut pumps and ballet flats as she finds them very cute, but she didn’t realize that her shoeplay could be a huge turn on for some people until I met her. Over the years I have often asked her questions about her shoeplay habit and why she loves to wear shoes that barely cling to her feet, but she has never been completely honest about it (she told me that she likes to remove her shoes but for instance I know that it also gives her a thrill when she loses a shoe unexpectedly or when I snatch her shoes right off her feet without her consent, but she never admitted it). So I’ll try to answer your questions from what she tells me and what I know of her, but I can’t guarantee to answer all of them precisely… Anyway here goes:

    What does it feel like to dangle your shoe?
    99% of the time, her pumps and flats just slip off her heels as soon as she crosses her legs. It’s not something she does voluntarily as most of her shoes fit very loosely and have very low cut vamps, so usually they just dangle by themselves and there’s nothing much she can do about it. Sometimes she told me that it was a good way to relax her tired feet or to give them some cool air when it’s hot outside, but most of the time it’s really an unconscious habit and the simple result of her shoes being too wide and low cut for her extremely narrow feet.

    Has anyone ever told you things such as "I love your shoes" or that "I love the way you dangle your shoes"? If so, what was/were your reaction(s)?
    Yes people have already complimented her on her shoes (especially those that reveal a lot of toe cleavage) but as far as I know, no one has ever complimented her on her dangling or shoeplay (and I think that a guy who would do this would need the balls of an elephant!). When she got compliments on her shoes, her reactions were different according to the person who made them, but usually she’s flattered and quite happy to show off her shoes and talk about them.

    There are a number of shoeplayer girls and shoe danglers out there all over the world. If ever they're reading this, what is your message to all girl/female shoe danglers out there?
    Like I said, Lisa is much more a shoe fetishist than a “dangling & shoeplay” fetishist, so I don’t think that she would have anything to say to girls who like to shoeplay except maybe the usual “girl talk” like “where did you get those shoes?” or “what do you think about this shoe brand/model?”. Sometimes after going out at some friends’ place or in a restaurant, I tell her that she has played a lot with her shoes and she tells me “not at all!”, barely admitting that she took off her shoes once or twice, when in fact she has been shoeplaying the entire time!!! Even if it’s true that she does it out of habit and most of the time completely unconsciously, I know that she takes great delight in feeling her little shoes slipping off her feet so easily, but I guess that she just won’t admit that she is a shoe slut ;)

  • J.W.

    Haha I see I see.
    I guess she is aware that her shoe dangling has fascinated a number of people (especially guys) from many places around the world.

    How does she feel about it though? Does she like the attention? Or not really?

  • In reply to: J.W.

    When I created my first website dedicated to Lisa's shoeplay in 2004, I showed her some of the comments that I was receiving and she was quite flattered to hear that people thought that she had some pretty feet and shoes, but now she doesn't really pay attention to it (and like I said, she's not a "shoeplay fetishist" although it's something she likes to do, so she's not curious to hear what people think about it). On the other hand, I don't tell her about a lot of messages I receive because I think that some of them would freak her out (for instance, if she knew what some people would love to do to her beloved shoes, she probably wouldn't like it :p)

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