Who is Lisa ?

Lisa is a 30 years old french lawyer who has a passion for feminine ultra low cut pumps and ballet flats. As Lisa's feet are very thin and narrow, most of the shoes she can find fit very loosely on her feet (even a pair of boots can be loose on her feet !!!), so with her love for outrageously low cut shoes that reveal a lot of toe cleavage, she sometimes has quite some difficulties in keeping her shoes on !!! As a result Lisa has developped since she was a child a habit of playing constantly with her little shoes, taking them on and off wherever she is, and it is in fact a well known private joke in her family that Lisa can often be found shoeless or missing a shoe !

Being a shoe fetishist myself, I've been blessed to witness all the shoeplay that Lisa did since we are together, and after observing her for over 10 years, I have come to the conclusion that Lisa's fetish for loose and low cut pumps is by far stronger than mine. She doesn't like when I say that she has a shoe fetish (she says that men can have a shoe fetish but that women simply love their shoes !), but the fact that she has never worn anything else than her sexy pumps and ballet flats, despite all the troubles and embarassing situations her loose shoes got her into, proves that Lisa simply loves the feeling of her loose shoes slipping off her feet so easily. In fact I quickly understood that she had a shoe fetish when I noticed that she had gotten very aroused when I had yanked off her shoes and stolen them on different occasions as I had slipped my hand under her skirt and on her wet panties shortly afterwards ...

I think that over the years Lisa and I mutually enhanced each other's fetish, her by her constant shoeplay and her immoderate taste for loose and low cut shoes, and me with the "shoe stealing game" I quickly started playing with her. I often tease her on the fact that she has probably read too much the Cinderella story when she was a child but I know that she has a thing for losing her shoes and being stranded shoeless or in just one shoe (although sometimes it does upset her but I can't resist stealing or removing her shoes when she shoeplays too much ;-). She often acts like she's offended when I do that, but I know that it makes her hot ;-))) I also know that she loves when I caress her feet when she has her shoes on as it always gives her a thrill when I insert my fingers inside her low cut shoes, so after all these years believe you me, I know exactly what to do if I want to turn on Lisa (as it has proved to be a really good sex preliminary ;-)

If you share the same passion for loose and low cut feminine shoes, please be my guest and feel free to share your comments or experiences, and especially if you are a lady, I would be glad to highlight the women opinion on shoe fetish as most of the websites generally focus on the men side... So shoe lovers of the world, this site is for you !


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  • J.W.

    Yeah she seems to love to cross her legs a lot. So yeah wjen that happens, then you can be sure that gravity will do the rest ;)

    Anyways, I'm surprised that she loves to cross her legs while in the passenger seat of your car. Plus she dangles her shoe in the process.

    All in all I'm amazed that with all the *distracting* shoeplay that she is doing, you haven't had a vehicular accident yet. Indeed her shoeplay has the potential to be "deadly" ;)

  • In reply to: J.W.

    LOL you're damn right about that :) Hopefully most of the time she only dangles in my car when it's a long trip (usually she pushes her seat backwards and lowers it to give some space to her legs and rest while I'm driving). The thing that she does a lot in my car though (and really distracts me a lot!) is when she crosses her feet at the ankles in front of her. Even if she doesn't want to shoeplay, the vibrations of the car shake her crossed foot just enough to make her shoe slowly slip off, and even if she clenches her toes regularly to try to keep her shoe on, it never takes long before she gives up the fight and just lets her little pump hang off precariously on her toes... so yeah it's quite hard to resist the urge to look at her feet every second :p

  • JoAnne

    My husband Bob has commented on your site about my love for loose low cut shoes, showing toe cleavage. Even as a kid I liked to wear loose shoes, and play with them. Even when my mother would buy me loafers, I would cut some of the stitching to make them very loose, and slip off my heels as I walked in them. When I was old enough to buy my own shoes, they were always very loose on me. As I got older I realized that I loved the feeling of walking in loose shoes, and it was a turn on not knowing when I might loose a shoe or both. I think it was what first attracted my husband to me. Seeing me walking around at work in loose shoes. Bob has a shoe fetish. We make a good team, and know how to turn each otter on. If you have any questions for me, just ask. The two of you are the only other couple we know of like us. So please let us hear from you.

    Bob & JoAnne

  • JoAnne

    I guess as a young girl I hated to wear tight shoes, and loved the freedom of loose shoes. I didn't know I was playing with my shoes. I just did it. Not until I was going out with Bob that he made me aware of what I was doing all those years. My dangling and losing my shoes was just from them being so loose, and it felt good. I had no idea that some people liked to see that type of thing. I never thought about it, it just happened. I also loved to wear nylon stockings , which made my loose shoes slip off all the more, and I lost them all the time. Kids in school would steel them from me, and toss them around. That didn't stop me from wearing very loose shoes. If I walked fast or ran I would loose them, and have to go back and pick them up. Going up stairs is a real problem. I'm always loosing one shoe or the other. Getting into a car is another way I lose a shoe most of the time.
    I lose my left shoe more than my right, as my left foot is a little smaller that the right one. You can't notice it . I/2 shoe size. Most people have one foot slightly smaller than the other. Does Lisa have one shoe that slips off more than the other?
    Hope to hear back from you soon


  • In reply to: JoAnne

    Hi Joanne,
    Well Lisa is indeed very close to you when it comes to dangling and shoeplay as it's really an unconscious habit that she has developped since she was a child and the simple consequence of her shoes being to wide for her very narrow feet. Combined with her passion for pumps and ballet flats that reveal a lot of toe cleavage, it's literally impossible for her not to shoeplay or dangle even if she doesn't want to ;)
    Concerning your question, yes Lisa's left foot is slightly smaller than her right foot but it's hardly noticeable.
    Could you please tell us more about your school years? Recently I had a conversation with Lisa who told me how some of her friends in high school liked to play pranks on her by removing her shoes and passing them from person to person. Back then she was the only girl in her high school to wear pumps and ballet flats (apparently she had a favourite pair that looked like her actual black suede Jonaks) and she says that's the reason why some guys in particular liked to do this to her. Personnaly I'm sure that her shoes were slipping off her heels just as much as they do now with her black Jonaks, so she was probably known as the "easy prey" for all the bullies in her class. She says she hated those guys for doing this, especially as everytime they made her beg a long time to get her shoes back, but I bet it was also arousing her (otherwise I don't think that she would have kept wearing her loose pumps and ballerinas at school).
    Has this happened to you too? What's the longest period of time that you had to stay shoeless or in one shoe against your will? Did it turn you on? Lisa isn't always completely honest when I ask her this and I'm pretty sure that she doesn't tell me the half of her "shoe mishaps" back when she was in high school or at the university or even now at work, so I'd really like to know your experiences and thoughts about this ;)

  • J.W.


    Wow, it's great to hear that you are also a proud shoe dangler. In any case, I do wish that there were more girls and women like you out there in the world. Unfortunately, the topic of shoe dangling can be a little bit weird for some or culturally-sensitive/taboo in certain contexts.

  • John

    Just love this site! Great work Yann and Lisa of course! ;-) I have bought many of the videos and can't wait for the next one (any news on that?) I check several times a day for updates! I long to see people stealing Lisa's shoes and possibly playing with them, trying them on and stealing them!
    I would love to hear more about Joanne's experiences etc. If you have any stories of your experiences etc It would be great if you or Bob wanted to get in touch! Do you know of any other forums, groups or sites worth looking at?
    My wife knows of my liking for shoe related stuff but unfortunately is very shy about being shoeless in public and does not approve if I steal her shoes in any way. Though probably strangely for a male, I have always been turned on by being deprived of my shoes. It is far less acceptable for a male to remove their shoes in public but I have had experiences at the cinema where I have had a shoe deliberately moved out of my reach by a woman (though I did leave it in danger hoping it would happen!) The anticipation is amazing and when it happens it is scary but great! So I can empathize with Lisa and Joanne.

  • In reply to: John

    Thanks for your support John ;) I'm often away from home at the moment but I'll try to make an update when I come back. I actually taped an interesting vid at a food court last month so I think I'm going to upload it in priority. Lisa was wearing her ultra loose Zara white & black pumps with a pair of black stockings and I managed to steal one of her shoes and kicked it 10 meters away under another table :p (Well I was greatly helped by the fact that her nylons seemed to make her pumps even more loose than usual as she lost one of them accidentally while she was crossing her feet under her chair, and her slutty shoe landed upside down on the floor and slightly out of her reach !!!)

  • Lindsay

    Hello! I love those low cut LovelyPumps shoes. Is she planning on selling them anytime soon? I've been looking for shoes from Bescalio and/or LovelyPumps, but I learned that the company no longer exists. Do you know of any websites that sell those kind of shoes? I appreciate the help.

    Kind regards,

  • In reply to: Lindsay

    Hi! Sorry, Lisa doesn't sell any of her shoes (even the well worn ones) because she just loves them too much! And no, I don't know any other company that makes shoes as low cut as her Lovelypumps (which indeed is now out of business)... Hope you'll find what you're looking for ;)

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