Who is Lisa ?

Lisa is a 30 years old french lawyer who has a passion for feminine ultra low cut pumps and ballet flats. As Lisa's feet are very thin and narrow, most of the shoes she can find fit very loosely on her feet (even a pair of boots can be loose on her feet !!!), so with her love for outrageously low cut shoes that reveal a lot of toe cleavage, she sometimes has quite some difficulties in keeping her shoes on !!!



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The Repetto tease

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This is a video that a lot of you guys have been waiting for :)))) As promised it features Lisa while she was wearing her new Repetto pink patent pumps, but as a little bonus, I selected a video where she was barefeet so...

Betrayed by her slutty shoes – Part 1

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As promised, here’s a great video in 2 parts that I recorded a few months ago when Lisa and I went shopping at Ikea. During several weeks, Lisa had been literally harassing me to go buy some new furniture for our office at...

Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 15

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This is a video from last September (back during the blessed days when restaurants were still opened in France :(). That day I offered Lisa to take her to a lunch meeting that I had with one of my good friends from work (so...

Stripped from her useless pumps

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Sorry for the long wait guys, as I explained to some of you I have been really busy at work the past few months. To make it up, here is as promised a video from this summer when Lisa and I went to have lunch with one of my...

Lisa's new slutty pumps

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Hi guys, as promised here is a first glimpse at Lisa’s new shoes. The first pair is a pair of Repetto fushia patent flat pumps. Although Lisa has been disappointed by the fragility of Repetto shoes in the past, when she saw...

Under Lisa's desk - Volume 4

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This video is the continuation of the previous one (see "Under Lisa's desk - Volume 3"). After I confiscated her pumps, Lisa went to finish her work in the living room, so I decided to place my spycam under the table so I...

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