The wicked colleagues' revenge

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Sorry guys for the lack of updates lately as I’m very busy at work at the moment, but hopefully I got enough time to release this very special video before Xmas ;))) As you will see, it wasn’t an easy one to record as Lisa and I had went to the food court for lunch with 2 of my colleagues and her assistant that day (and one of my colleagues was sitting right next to me so I could barely access my spycam), but what I still managed to catch is just breathtaking!!!!!!!!!! In fact, not only Lisa was really teasing like hell with her ultra loose red patent ballerinas (slipping them on and off in front of everyone in the checkout line and losing them constantly under her chair during a good part of her lunch), but some of her colleagues decided to give her a good lesson that day by stealing discreetly both of her slutty shoes, and those bastards left her completely shoeless and ashamed in the middle of the food court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always I prefer not to spoil what happened in this video as it’s far more exciting to discover it by yourself, but as you will see, those bastards clearly had it all planned!!! It started with one of Lisa’s colleagues (he’s some sort of “janitor” at her law firm), and when that guy saw that Lisa couldn’t stop slipping her loose flats on and off constantly and that she was a very easy prey that day, he warned his little friends (among which “John” and one of the bitches who had “tortured” one of her black suede Jonak pumps), and they all teamed up to make sure that my poor princess wouldn’t be able to wear her red patent flats ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually it’s only recently that I discovered why they had probably done this as apparently Lisa had to fire one of the business lawyers at her law firm a few months ago, and I think that “John” (and probably some others) were friends with that guy… So either the guy who got fired asked his friends to avenge him by taking Lisa’s shoes, or they just did it because they think that firing him was unfair, but either way, I bet that my poor princess’ ballerinas got cut and torn in pieces shortly after those bastards stole them…

Now of course, given how upset she was when she came back home later that day and how her colleagues’ reaction is starting to get out of hand, I had to stop moving her shoes in public for several weeks so she wouldn’t get stripped again by her colleagues too soon after this (now I have eyes everywhere when I have lunch with her as I’m almost sure that those guys spy her regularly to see where she likes to eat and what shoes she’s wearing), but man if I had wanted to, those bastards could have easily stolen a few more pairs of Lisa’s shoes as she was already shoeplaying again in public just a few days later (mostly with her black suede Jonak pumps and the brown ones), and boy with the way they were looking at her feet while she was dipping and losing those shoes, it’s pretty obvious that they’re dying to get their hands on her precious collection of Jonak pumps now…


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  • In reply to: jerome

    Salut Jérôme, non pour l'instant je n'ai pas de nouvelles vidéos de Lisa avec les pieds nus... Moi aussi j'adore la voir pieds nus dans ses LovelyPumps mais en ce moment elle les laisse à son bureau la plupart du temps... Ca me donne presque envie de convaincre ma boîte de la prendre comme avocate juste pour voir comment elle doit exhiber l'énorme décolleté de ses LovelyPumps sous son bureau pendant un entretien (et à mon avis y'a pas mal de ses clients masculins qui viennent la voir juste pour ça :D:D:D). En tout cas ne t'inquiète pas, j'essaie toujours de filmer les petons de ma princesse quand elle est pieds nus mais ça reste assez rare étant donné qu'elle met quasiment toujours des bas ou des collants avec ses chaussures... Je serai à l'affût dès que les beaux jours vont revenir ;)

  • pisolithe

    Merci de m'avoir fait partager ton réveillon. Effectivement, il fut vraiment croustillant. Je ne te cache pas que j'adore quand Lisa est pied nus. Ses petits petons sont magnifiques. la vidéo que tu as donné en lien est sans doute une des plus belle de ma collection. J'adore vraiment ce que tu fait et ta princesse est une artiste des pieds. Bonne année à vous deux. Au fait avec le froid à Paris, j'espère que Lisa a repris ses bottes:p

  • In reply to: pisolithe

    Salut Laurent, ben figure toi que la princesse a voulu faire sa belle ce samedi en mettant ses petits escarpins Jonak marrons et or avec une paire de bas noirs épais en laine pour sortir faire quelques courses (alors que je lui avais bien dit de mettre des bottes vu comment ça caillait !) et comme je m'en doutais, elle a glissée sur le trottoir verglacé au bout de notre rue... Du coup non seulement elle s'est retrouvée sur les fesses sur le trottoir mais évidemment elle a perdu ses 2 petits escarpins dans sa chute et j'ai failli me faire écraser en tentant de récupérer sa chaussure droite !!!!!!!! (son escarpin gauche a glissé bien 3 mètres devant elle sur le trottoir, mais par contre son escarpin droit a volé en l'air quand elle est tombée et il a atterri au beau milieu de la rue et il s'en est fallu de peu que sa petite chaussure se fasse complètement écraser !!!!!!!!!!). Du coup ça a fini de la convaincre que son choix de chaussures était complètement inapproprié et elle est repartie se changer le temps que j'aille chercher la voiture... Quand je te disais qu'elle était prête à tout pour mettre ses petits escarpins adorés !!!!!

  • pisolithe

    Maintenant je n'ai plus d'yeux que pour les escarpins Jonak dorés. Le premier clip va faire un carton:p

  • Wf

    Did she leave the restraunt shoeless.can u let her walk shoeless with nylon in public

  • In reply to: Wf

    Yes, her colleagues took her ballet flats and immediately hid them so she was forced to leave the food court completely shoeless... This time I couldn't record her walking in nylons as she asked me to come pick her up with my car in front of the exit as it was very cold outside (and of course I obliged as it really broke my heart when I saw that she was so sad and ashamed) but don't worry, I have no doubt that her colleagues are already dying to get their hands on her shoes again (especially her provocative Jonak pumps as they know how much she loves them and how outrageously loose and low cut they are...)

  • wf

    hope we can see she walk in nylon shoeless next time please record that. first she stand up and could't find her shoes then she feels embarrassed,finally she have to walk shoeless until get on the car ,and her nylon soles get darker and darker .if you record all these moments, that would be very very pertect vid. hope can see it soon desperately

  • Lee

    Great videos Yann! Just wish they had sound!

  • In reply to: Lee

    Hi Lee, I just answered your email ;)

  • max

    Hello, how are you?

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