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Hi guys, a little message to let you know that as usual this long absence is due to a lot of work on my side, and as I have little to no free time at the moment, I'm sorry I couldn't answer all your emails/posts lately ... So for all of you waiting for new videos, I will normally post new updates this month (not sure exactly when though), and as many of you have hoped, I'll include a video that I managed to record while Lisa was wearing her new Jonak brown pumps at work (and of course I made sure to embarass her as she just couldn't keep them on ;-))))

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  • Anonymous

    Phew... for the past month, i was worrying about you not putting up videos anymore. Can't wait to see your new video :)))))) Welcome back man!

  • Eric

    Thanks. Lisa is the World's Greatest Shoeplayer! What's "shoeplay" in French?

  • Ash

    Hopefully soon?:)

  • Art

    Shame you've been so busy. Any update on when you may be uploading new videos or can't you say.

  • Anonymous

    When is the new video coming up? Can't wait :(

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