Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 5

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Continuing my collection of videos featuring Lisa’s beloved black Jonak pumps, here is a long clip that I recorded this summer. That day Lisa took 2 hours off work before lunch as she had some errands to do at the mall, and when she asked me if I could take her there with my car, I knew she was wearing a very slutty pair of shoes… and indeed, as the weather was quite hot, my princesss was wearing a short black strapless dress and was bare feet in her outrageously loose and low cut black Jonaks, and boy she was looking so cute and vulnerable with this outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I saw her, I immediately thought “Wow, it would just take me 5 seconds to strip her into just her panties with what she’s wearing!!!!!!” (and of course I verified that as soon as she came back from work that day… it actually took me less than 5 seconds to expose her breasts and lift her right out of her ultra loose pumps before fucking her hard on the bed ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Anyway, in this clip you’ll see her walking (A LOT!) with those provocative shoes, and man I’m sure you’ll be as amazed as me when you’ll see how well she masters the art of keeping those scandalously loose and low cut pumps on her feet!!!!!!!!! Apart the first few minutes where I guess that her tiny feet were still a bit too cold (best proof that she had probably spent the entire morning playing with those shoes), she managed to keep them on like a pro although almost her entire feet were slipping out of her shoes with EVERY STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show got even hotter when we arrived at the phone store as we had to wait a long moment, and of course my princess immediately started dipping in front of everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! It actually gave me a good occasion to make some very nice close-ups of her feet and shoes, and boy it was just so sexy to see that her ultra low cut pumps were sometimes barely covering her toenails (as her feet are so narrow they slip inside those shoes) and man you just won’t believe how bad she was teasing everyone with her indecent shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After getting her work phone replaced, we also went in some clothes stores as Lisa wanted to do some shopping, and as you can guess, the dipping and heelpopping show continued and was starting to make my pants feel tighter and tighter!!!!!! As you will see, I had to slowdown the parts where she was walking (she was sometimes walking very fast, that’s why it really impressed me to see that she was managing to keep her shoes on) and as her feet were popping out dramatically of her pumps with every step and slipping back in just as quickly, I wanted you to see just how spectacular it is to see her walk with her beloved black Jonak pumps now… If you look carefully, you’ll realize that it’s only the very tip of her toes that keeps those shoes on her feet… all the other parts of her feet just come right out of her pumps with every step, so you can guess how hard it must be for her not to lose them all the time, especially when she wears nylons…

Finally I also included in this video the short clips that I took with my phone when we arrived at the food court, and as you will see, my princess’ feet were probably feeling hot after walking so much because she just couldn’t stop dipping one shoe after the other while she was choosing her menu, and boy I can tell you that several people took some good peeks at her empty low cut pumps and beautiful bare feet!!!!!!!! If you want to see how all this ended, make sure not to miss also the following video (“Playing with her pumps near the wrong people”) as what happened during that lunch was really hot and was sure a well deserved punishment for her and her slutty pumps ;-))))))))))))))))))))

As a conclusion, just take a look at the 2 screenshots below and you’ll see exactly what turned me on that day:

See how she’s SO VULNERABLE as soon as those pumps are off the floor??!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s barely enough leather to cover her tiny toe nails and the other parts of her shoe are completely useless!!!!!!!!!!! The back and sides are so low cut that they just don’t cling to her narrow feet AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me your thoughts guys, don’t you think that she teases WAY TOO MUCH with those shoes???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comments (8)

  • Publio

    Fantástico. Os melhores sapatos do mundo. Muito sexy.


    She loves taking her shoe off.
    Is she personally aware of it? Why does she do it?

  • In reply to: BLITZ

    I often asked her that question when we started dating years ago and no, most of the time she's not aware of it as it's really something that she does unconsciously. The perfect example is when we come back from an evening with some friends and I tell her that she has been playing with her shoes the entire time and she says no! (or at the most she admits that she has removed her shoes only 2 or 3 times when in fact I saw - and heard! - her low cut pumps flying off her feet the entire evening!). As for why she does it, well just look at the 2 screenshots above! Those pumps have barely enough leather to cover her toenails so her tiny feet can slip in and out with absolutely no effort!!! Besides those shoes are so loose and low cut that she has to clench her toes constantly in order to keep them on (and quite often it's simply the gravity that takes off her shoes for her!), so I guess that it makes shoeplay inevitable...


    Bonjour, je suis fan de Lisa et de vos clips. Mais il y a une question qui me ronge depuis longtemps. Est ce qu'elle porte des tongs, des mules et des claquettes. Est ce qu'elle joue avec. Pourquoi pas faire une vidéo:p. Je crois qu'elle aurait du sucés.

  • In reply to: PISOLITHE

    Salut Laurent et merci de ton intérêt pour mes vidéos ;) Les seuls moments où je vois Lisa porter des tongs c'est quand nous allons à la plage (je crois pas qu'elle soit très fan de ce genre de chaussures, en tout cas même quand il fait très chaud, elle préfère toujours ses petites ballerines/escarpins). Pareil pour les mules, je sais qu'elle n'a jamais aimé ce type de chaussures qui font trop "pantoufle" selon elle... mais bon je me fais souvent la réflexion que pas mal de ses petites chaussures sont comme des mules pour elle (il suffit de la voir marcher avec ses escarpins plats Jonak par exemple...). En tout cas j'essaierai de la filmer la prochaine fois que je la vois porter des tongs mais à mon avis ça sera pas avant l'été prochain...

  • pisolithe

    Est ce qu'elle joue avec ses tongs quand elles en porte. Ce doit être merveilleux de la voir:p

  • jerome

    Salut Yann
    je me suis decider a acheter ce clips le wkend dernier (je dit decidé car c'est vrai que le prix m'a fait réfléchir...) pas déçu du tout très grosse excitation en le visonnant
    si j'avais un reproche à faire et oui la perfection n'existe pas (en meme temps on se construit et nourri des remarques pour progresser) je trouve la qualité de l'image mauvaise lorsque tu film Lisa en mouvement lorsqu'elle marche. Ta Princesse merite une qualité HD alors bientôt Noel passe commande ton site n'en sera que meilleur avec une belle qualitée d'image.
    Tien une request (enfin un rêve!) que tu film Lisa en public avec ses lovely pumps pieds nues en plein hiver

  • In reply to: jerome

    Salut Jérôme, content que le clip t’ai plu, et oui effectivement ça peut être un peu flou quand Lisa marche un peu trop vite mais c’est l’inconvénient de filmer « à l’aveugle » avec un smartphone et je ne peux pas faire autrement si je veux pouvoir rester discret…

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