Playing with her pumps near the wrong people

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This video is the typical situation that happens to Lisa when I “spice things up” for her everytime she wears her beloved black Jonak pumps now :))))) Actually, after all these years of seeing her teasing so much with those scandalously loose and low cut flats, I decided that it was time to make her lose those slutty shoes once and for all… So now, everytime she makes the mistake of wearing them on her lunch break or when we go out, I always make sure to confiscate them discreetly and send those bitch pumps in plain sight and way out of her reach so that they can be easily stolen ;-))))))))))))))))))))) So of course, when I came to pick her up at her work and saw that she was wearing her favourite little black pumps that day, I knew she would be in big trouble during lunch… and boy was I right ;-)))))))))))))))))))))

As you will see, apart from 2 women who had lunch near our table, all the other people in the food court (including the waiters) were just dying to strip my poor Lisa from her ultra low cut pumps!!!!!!!!!!!! And to add to her torment, one guy in particular (who decided to sit right behind us with a female work colleague) decided that she deserved a good lesson, and not only he trashed the fragile suede leather of her expensive pumps, but he also kicked her loose flats very far away from each other, making sure that she would finish her lunch completely shoeless and helpless!!!!!!!!!!!! But the most incredible thing is that apparently, if we had left the food court just 5 minutes later, that guy would have probably managed to take her empty right pump as a trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, what I love about this is that if I had just let Lisa play with her shoes like she always do, that guy probably wouldn’t even have noticed her… But after getting his attention with one of her ultra low cut pumps, the guy started staring at my wife’s feet and shoes regularly during the entire lunch, and it quickly set him on fire when he noticed that her precious little flats were so outrageously loose!!!!!!!!!! And too bad for her, as the little slut just couldn’t stop playing with her shoes and was constantly losing them noisily under her chair, she didn’t realize that she was teasing the guy behind her way too much and that he was now just waiting for a good occasion to confiscate her provocative pumps and strip her shoeless in front of everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comments (9)

  • greg

    quand je vois les pieds de ta Lisa comme ça, j'ai envie de les lui manger ;)

  • In reply to: greg

    LOL ;) Je pense que le mec qui était assis derrière elle ce jour-là devait penser exactement la même chose que toi ! Ce qui est fou c'est de voir à quel point certaines personnes peuvent péter un câble quand elles se rendent compte que ses escarpins noirs Jonak sont aussi lâches et scandaleusement décolletés... Ce jour là ce gars n'a pas hésité à lui confisquer ses 2 petits escarpins, mais on a aussi des amis ou des collègues à elle qui se sont même déjà carrément amusés à la déchausser plusieurs fois devant tout le monde, simplement parce que ça les faisait marrer de voir à quel point c'était facile de lui faire perdre ses petites Jonaks :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • publio

    Esses sapatos dela são os nelhores que ja vi. Lindos pés. Tudo muito sexy .

  • In reply to: publio

    Hi, I don't speak portuguese but thanks ;)

  • Publio

    Mas ela não perdeu estes sapatos maravilhosos, não? Is she lost her shoes? Forever? Please, no!

  • In reply to: Publio

    Well she hasn't lost those shoes yet, but if she continues to wear them at work, she might end up shoeless for good as there's now a lot of people (among which a lot of her coworkers) who want to get their hands on those outrageously loose and low cut pumps! So the fate of those shoes is up to her, but she loves them so much that I don't think that she can resist the temptation to wear them at work and play with them in public, so if someone steals them, it will just be her fault!

  • Jay

    Fantastic! Really hoping the next update is someone else getting their hands on her shoes!

  • Bob

    Hey any new videos coming soon?

  • In reply to: Bob

    Not before at least 2 weeks I think, I'm really busy at work at the moment :(... stay tuned!

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