Lisa already can't keep her new golden pumps!!!

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As promised, here is the first video of Lisa wearing her new Jonak golden pumps, and as you will see, it’s a real treat for the eyes ;-)))))) That day Lisa and I went to the food court for lunch where one of her female colleagues was already waiting for us, and the least and I can say is that my princess was really too cute!!!!! She was wearing a black dress business suit with a white wool sweater, a pair of black silky stockings, and her beautiful new golden pumps… But what really caught my attention (and the attention of almost everyone around her!) is that her new pumps were already slipping off her heels with every step, and the contrast between her flashy golden pumps and her dark stockings sure highlighted the fact that she was struggling to keep her little shoes on her feet ;-)))))))))))))))))))

In fact, we hadn’t even entered the food court that a guy who had seen her walking from afar decided to wait just so he could hold the door for her (but obviously it was only to watch her pumps slipping off her feet with every step!), and when Lisa realized that the gentleman was waiting and holding the door for her, she hurried to climb the steps but lost her right pump in the process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I couldn’t believe that she was already losing her new pumps so easily, but the rest of our lunch showed me just how loose her slutty flats had become, but most of all, WHY they were already almost unkeepable ;-)))))) As you will see, those expensive shoes are clearly not made to bear all the shoeplay that Lisa does with them as the very thin and soft leather tends to fold and sag everytime she slips them on and off, and after only 4 months of constant shoeplay, the princess had crushed the leather so badly that those slutty pumps were already slipping off her feet like butter!!!!!!!!!!!!

But what really drove me nuts that day is that not only she was shoeplaying like crazy, but she didn’t even hesitate to dip out of her shoes completely, leaving her empty low cut pumps unattended under her chair for some long moments, and I just found that she was really reckless to shoeplay like that after getting stripped shoeless by her colleagues just a few months ago… In fact, a few days after they had stolen her little red ballerinas, I had went to have lunch with her again to test how she would react if I moved her shoes slightly out of her reach under her chair… and for the first time, she panicked really quickly and immediately looked under her chair to locate her missing pumps, and she even made sure to keep them on her feet for the rest of her lunch (quite a record for a shoeplay slut like Lisa!!!)… Now of course I decided to continue my little tests during the following lunches, and after only a few weeks, I noticed that not only she was starting to shoeplay very carelessly again, but if I had wanted to, I could have really easily stolen her provocative shoes several times, and she wouldn’t even have noticed it until the end of her lunch!!!!! So when I saw her strutting and shoeplaying so shamelessly with her precious new golden pumps that day, I decided that it would be her last chance to prove that she could keep her shoes on in public…

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  • Peter

    Haha, your videos remind me of one situation back when I was maybe 15. I sat in the classroom with my friend (2 people per desk), in the second row of desks. She was wearing a short skirt of some sort, nylons and a pair of dark blue keds-like sneakers. At some point I've noticed that she took one of her shoes off, to correct her nylons or whatever; it was lying just empty, near my legs. Of course I inmediatly took action and kicked it about a meter away from her. I gave discreet signs to the guy sitting in front of me to move on with the "operation" and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him kicking her shoe hard, making it land in the middle of the class! At this point she propably wanted to casually put her tiny shoe back on, but then she realised it was gone :) She asked me where is her shoe and started anxiously looking around. It was obviously way out of her reach, so she started begging us to give her shoe back. Then the guy from the front reached out with his leg and kicked it even further!!!! Now it was under the middle of the teacher's desk (teacher was in the back of the class, explaining something to some student). She really started to panic. Best thing is that I knew the guy sitting right in front of the teacher's desk also had a shoe fetish, so I expected him to either take the shoe and maybe give it back after the lesson or pass it even further, so it would get tossed around the whole class. In both situations she'd have to sit in just one of her shoes for the rest of the lesson (it happened in the first few minutes, so there was plenty of time left before the break), exposing her tiny and narrow nyloned foot (similiar in shape to Lisa's). I was really hyped for that, but unfortunately the guy chickened out and passed it to her so quickly I had no time to react, she grabbed her shoe and put it back on. Man, what a day :D It was a joy to have her in my class as I deprived her from one or both of her shoes quite many times (both flats and thin canvas sneakers) and she was the type of girl that would play with her shoes all the time when she could (constantly heelpopping in flats, even loosing them a few times) and she loved to wear shoes that were one or two sizes too big for her as she found that to be comfortable :D

  • In reply to: Peter

    Hi Peter, that was a really great story, thanks for sharing it ;) That’s funny, not so long ago Lisa’s mother came to Paris for a day of shopping so we went for a quick lunch with her, and she told me an anecdote about Lisa that is really close to your story. I don’t remember exactly how the subject came in but we started talking about Lisa’s little habit of removing her shoes all the time, and she told me that one of her teachers in grade school had confiscated her ballet flats one day, and she had kept her shoes on her desk for a whole morning before giving them back to her only at lunch break!!!! When her mother told me that, Lisa was quite offended and told her mother “did you have to tell him that?!!” but of course the occasion was too good so I kept asking her questions about it so she had no other choice but to tell me the whole story :p Apparently this female teacher hated shoeplay as most of the girls in Lisa’s class who were wearing ballet flats were often removing them during the lessons and as she thought that it was really rude, she had already told them several times to stop doing it or else she would confiscate their shoes. Unfortunately for my poor Lisa, when some of the boys in her class heard this, she started to become their favourite target as according to her, she was the only one to wear nylons and ballet flats almost everyday, and apparently the boy who was always sitting behind her in class often tried to steal her shoes to embarrass her in front of the teacher. Now according to Lisa, when her teacher confiscated her shoes that day, she wasn’t shoeplaying (but I highly doubted that given what happened). She claims the boy behind her stretched his legs under her chair and used his feet to remove her ballet flats, and then he kicked her shoes to some other boys of the class who kicked them again, and in the end her little ballerinas ended up in front of the classroom where everyone could see them!!!! When her teacher noticed Lisa’s empty shoes she immediately picked them up and put them on her desk and she told Lisa that she would get them back only for lunch since she couldn’t keep them on!!! Lisa told me that it was her biggest humiliation in school as that teacher made her stay in nylons for a whole morning, and as it was in winter she had almost caught the flu as the floor of the classroom was feeling really cold!!!! When Lisa came back home for lunch that day and told her mom what had happened, Lisa’s mother decided to have an appointment with her teacher the same day, and in her own words, she “yelled at the old cow for humiliating her daughter in front of the entire classroom”, and when the teacher told her that she shouldn’t let Lisa wear ballet flats to school since she couldn’t stop removing them in class, her mom just answered “That’s not yours to decide, I dress my daughter the way I like” and that she should have punished the boys who had stolen her daughter’s shoes in the first place. After this her teacher never punished Lisa again for playing with her shoes in class but apparently the same boys who had stolen and kicked her shoes away continued to bully her every once in a while, taking her ballerinas and playing hide and seek with her, which used to really upset her... Now what really kills me is that even when she grew old, people never stopped "bullying" her because of her shoes (of course not as long as the boys in her school when she was young) but for example I have seen many times some of her friends or colleagues snatching her little black Jonak pumps right off her feet simply because they thought that it was really too easy :D:D:D

  • pisolithe

    Très beau clip Yann. Les chaussures de ta princesse commencent à s'user dangereusement. Mais c'est quand elle met des collants qui laissent voir les orteils ou même pieds nus que ta petite Lisa est magnifique. Merci encore Yann.

  • In reply to: pisolithe

    Salut Laurent, oui je te confirme elles s'affaissent à vitesse grand V, et j'ai pu remarquer l'autre jour que le cuir à l'arrière de son escarpin droit peinait à lui recouvrir correctement le talon, du coup elle perdait sa petite chaussure presque complètement à chaque pas :D:D:D:D Pour ses orteils, oui je suis comme toi, j'aime bien voir son "toe cleavage" mais je sais pas si t'as remarqué dans la vidéo mais ma princesse était la seule à porter des escarpins ce jour là vu que les températures étaient encore bien basses, du coup elle avait quand même mis des collants un peu épais pour éviter d'avoir trop froid...

  • Publio

    Espero ver ela usando esses sapatos sem nylons. Without nylons. Bare feet with these new shoes. Please. Kkkkkk

  • In reply to: Publio

    You'll have to wait until late spring or this summer for that ;)

  • Bob

    Warmer days seem to be coming soon, hope new videos will come with them :D

  • In reply to: Bob

    Actually the next video that I will publish was recorded this winter. It's a really long vid showing Lisa with her beloved black Jonak pumps and what I caught is REALLY GOOD ;) I'll try to release it as soon as I can...

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