Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 6

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This is another great video that I recorded this winter and boy, you just won’t believe your eyes when you’ll see how slutty my princess was that day!!!!!! It was below 10 degrees Celsius outside, and when I came to pick up Lisa for lunch in front of her office, I got an instant hard on when I saw that she was wearing a very short gray skirt with a white blouse, a pair of blue silk stockings, and her outrageously loose and low cut black suede Jonak pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, after being forced to wear boots for several days because of the very cold weather, I bet that she couldn’t wait to shoeplay all day long again, and clearly she had chosen the perfect outfit for that!!!!!!! That day we had planned to have lunch with a friends couple in a fast food not very far from Lisa’s work, and as she needed to go to the drugstore before that, I made sure to park my car not too close because I really wanted to enjoy the show when she would have to walk outside with her very low cut clothes, and boy I sure didn’t get disappointed ;-)))))))))))))

What immediately caught my attention is that she was wearing an expensive pair of silk stockings to protect her legs from the cold, but with the combination of the silk fabric and her ridiculously low cut pumps, I immediately saw that she was REALLY STRUGGLING to keep her shoes on when we started walking in the street… So, as I knew that we were going to be late for our lunch with our friends, I took advantage of it to tell her to hurry and I made sure to walk a bit faster than her because I was sure that she wouldn’t be able to keep up… and just as I expected, it was all her slutty flats needed to slip off her feet unexpectedly and the poor girl ended up losing her shoes countless times on the dirty sidewalk ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))) As you will see I recorded a lot of action in this vid as there’s 20 MINUTES of insane walking heelpopping, shoe losses and scandalous standed dipping when we arrived in the fast food (and I only used the slow motion when she lost her shoes accidentally in the street, so it’s really 20 minutes of non-stop action!!!!!!)

Man, after seeing how easily she was losing her shoes that day, I can tell you that I was really tempted to confiscate her slutty pumps right in front of our friends just to give her a lesson (because even my mate noticed that Lisa had lost her shoes several times while we were making our orders and he even made fun of her!!!!!) but I quickly changed my mind when we settled at one of the tables… My plan was actually to let her think that she could shoeplay safely under her chair during her entire lunch and that nothing would happen to her beloved skimpy pumps… and when she expected it the least, I made sure to confiscate discreetly her bitch shoes one after the other, exposing her provocative pumps and her silky nyloned feet to the world ;-))))))))))))))))))))

As you will see, things quickly got wild for my poor Lisa as her left pump started by getting kicked by a woman under a table that was behind us, and 3 young lads (in their 20’s) spent their entire lunch with her empty shoe right next to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what really shocked me during all the time we spent there is that, neither them, nor the group of girls who followed, nor the waiters wanted to help my poor Lisa to get her shoes back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (clearly they were all thinking that my princess deserved a good lesson for wearing such outrageously low cut pumps that she obviously couldn’t keep on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Man, all the people who were sitting behind us kept walking right next to her empty pump, and as they had a perfect view under her chair, they immediately understood that Lisa was a real shoe slut… I mean, not only they could examine from a very close range the very little leather that there was on her empty left pump, but as they were watching her feet discreetly trying to locate her missing shoe under her chair and losing extremely easily the other one, it didn’t take them long to notice that her shoes were WAY TOO LOOSE for her tiny feet ;-)))))))))))))))))) Man I could hear the boys laughing at her as they were clearly enjoying the fact that the little slut had misplaced her provocative pumps, and the group of girls who followed even seemed pretty jealous of her as not only they made sure that my poor Lisa wouldn’t be able to reach her missing shoes, but they also exposed dangerously one of her precious Jonak pumps by moving it in plain sight so that everyone else in the fast food could see it (and the bitch who did it was obviously trying to get someone to steal her expensive shoe or kick it really far away so that my princess would get embarrassed in front of everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) My god what a day ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  • In reply to: Mark

    Hi Mark, sorry for the late response, I'm very busy at the moment... Yes I've got some new vids on the way, I'll try to upload them ASAP ;)

  • Bob

    I'm excited for the next update. Will there be any dangling in this one?

  • In reply to: Bob

    Hi Bob, no dangling in the next video sorry, it's a vid of Lisa wearing her white Jonak pumps as I hadn't managed to record her wearing them in a long time... I'll try to post some dangling vids later ;)

  • tbs

    I like her black Jonak Pumps, they are clearly worn out and she really seems to wear them often.
    I wonder, I her shoes have any smell? Ballet Flats are tending to smell easily, but hers doesn't have much contact with her feet^^
    Btw: Is there any stuff with her Buffalo Shoes to come?
    Great work, I really like your site.

  • In reply to: tbs

    Thanks for your kind words ;)
    Yes, those pumps are by far her favourites and she wears them quite often indeed (twice a week usually). I often get the question about the smell and no, her shoes just smell a light leather perfume (never stinky). I think you've pointed out the first reason: there's just so very little leather on them that they don't warm up her feet (besides as you saw, she can barely keep them on so I would say that her feet are more often half or completely out of those pumps than inside :D). The other reason (I think) is because 95% of the time, she wears her shoes with nylons, so they never get moist and sticky. But the most important reason for me is because the princess doesn't walk much with her beloved Jonak pumps! (I'm her official taxi driver when she can't take a cab, so I know pretty well her "clothing habits"...)
    I haven't seen her wear her pink Buffalo flats in a while, I think she keeps them as a pair of "safe shoes" at work at the moment. I'll try to get a shot if I can next time she wears them.
    Stay tuned!

  • pisolithe

    Bonjour Yann. Le printemps approche et j'espère que ta petite princesse porte toujours ses Jonak or qui doivent être merveilleusement lâche. Ce sont mes chaussures préférées juste devant les noires. Bonne semaine.

  • In reply to: pisolithe

    Salut Laurent, ça fait un moment qu'elle ne les a pas portés en ma présence mais je sais qu'elle les mets pas mal au boulot en ce moment... La prochaine vidéo est consacrée à ses petites Jonak blanches toutes aussi mignonnes, j'espère que tu aimeras ;)

  • Mark

    "Soon" is quite a broad word I see ;)

  • In reply to: Mark

    Sorry Mark, things have been really crazy at work lately so I had very little to no free time. Anyway, I just uploaded a new vid, hope you'll like it ;)

  • Alex

    Hello, I have seen the videos and I really liked many of your Flats de lisa, I would like to know if they are for sale I have interest for 3 pairs, please I would really like to buy them.

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